Knowledge Management, The Intelligent way.

Keep your customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident with trusted knowledge that’s accessible in every application they use.


Close deals 65% faster by providing relevant knowledge in reps workflow

Customer Support

Improved customer satisfaction with by reducing time of response


Improved customer experience with consistent messaging by providing marketing assets directly in the apps they are working in.

Your Workplace

Maintain and share knowledge to everyone in your workplace.

One-Stop Search Engine for updated and trusted Knowledge.

Build knowledgebases based on your product categories. Share team with always updated knowledge, trained over customer data by everyone.

Ready to answer more than 80% of customer queries

Add answers to your customer's queries the way they ask it. This helps you to build knowledgebase over customer data which later will be able to answer 90% of customer queries.

Let everyone participate in Customer Success

Share Knowledgebases across all of your teams in workplace. Let your Sales, Product, and Support team work in collaborative manner to support your customers.

Integrations with Your Favourite Platforms

Ease of knowledge in your workflow.

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