Hi, I am Zuzu, An Intellgent assistant for Teams

Improve customer experience by delivering information when and where your team needs it.

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Improved Customer experience

Boost your customer experience with our AI assitant for teams which provides consistent and accurate answer to customer queries.

Increase Team's productivity

Repetitive questions can eat up your agent’s valuable time. Let an AI assistant help your agents answer customer FAQs and close leads faster.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Sales Velocity

Zuzu reduces time it takes to respond to customers by upto 65 percent, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and sales velocity.

Empower your Sales, Support, and HR Team with an Intelligent AI assistant

Add me to your Sales, Support or HR team in less than 5 mins. I am fast, knowledgeable, and fun to work with

Trusted and Up-to-date Knowledge for Everyone

Build knowledgebases based on your product categories. Share team with always updated knowledge, trained over customer data by everyone.

Build Knowledgebases with queries based on product topics such as Pricing, Positioning, Server configuration etc.

Trained over your Customer Conversations

Add answers to your customer's queries the way they ask it. This helps you to build knowledgebase over customer data which later will be able to answer 90% of customer queries.

Knowledgebases trained over Up-to-dated customer queries will be able to resolve 90% of customer queries.

Let everyone participate in customer success

Share Knowledgebases across all of your teams in workplace. Let your Sales, Product, and Support team work in collaborative manner to support your customers.

Product team will derive meaningful insight from customer queries over Support Knowledgebases.

Our Integrations

Seamless integration with all of your Systems